TCLM Journey


What is the TCLM Journey? This is a journey that helps create awareness, kindness, and action. It is designed as a starting point in order to spark a new way of thinking and living. This, in turn, will improve your current situation as well as lay the groundwork for a better future.

Think More

  • This is the awareness portion of “Think More : Care More : LIVE More”. It’s about personal awareness. It’s about situational awareness. It’s about thinking of the whole situation and how each of the pieces fit. It’s also about understanding that “think more” doesn’t always mean we should be thinking more…

Care More:

  • I would think that it’s pretty obvious that this is the kindness portion of “Think More : Care More : LIVE More”. Quite simply, it’s about caring about others. It’s about the small, little things we can do each day to make a situation better and if we cannot make it better, then make sure you are not making it worse. There is nothing elaborate or complex about it, however, it does involve a choice…

LIVE More:

  • Aaannnndddd action!” It’s a famous phrase in the movies and it applies quite nicely here, as well. However, in this case you are the director. You are the one in charge of your life. You are the one that needs to be able to step up and go through that door, especially when opportunity is knocking. Do not settle for complacency. Push past that and accept the challenge to be more. You’re ready to truly live your life, feel alive, and never settle anymore...

Coaching & Consulting Options:
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