Our collaborative options are interactive, hands on experiences highlighting the thought processes and philosophies of "Think More : Care More : LIVE More".  In addition, there's a significant exchange of ideas to help facilitate learning. Each program is tailored to your specific needs. 

  • Classes - The CHALLENGE Experience classes aren't your traditional "courses" or "programs". They're interactive classes complete with assignments, discussions, and assessments that are designed to increase your critical thinking specifically as it relates to your decision making skills.
  • Coaching & Consulting - Our 1:1 consulting is designed as a flexible option to suit your current situation. We have in-depth discussions to determine what the issues are, what the priorities are, and what the best courses of action is for moving forward.
  •  TCLM Journey - COMING SOON! This is a journey that helps create awareness, kindness, and action. It is designed as a starting point in order to spark a new way of thinking and living.